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Personal Nasal Inhaler - Aluminum/Glass

Personal Nasal Inhaler - Aluminum/Glass

Reusable, metal inhalers with an essential oil soaked wick.

They’re portable, private (no one else has to smell the oils) and fast-acting. Their effectiveness comes from the quick absorption of essential oils through the olfactory membrane.

These inhalers are easy to reuse! Simply unscrew the top and add more drops of essential oil to the wick, or replace the wick entirely with a Nasal Inhaler Refill.


    Each inhaler comes with a polyester/organic cotton wick & custom essential oil blend inside.

    Made of aluminum, glass. Cotton wicks are made of organic, raw, uncarded cotton, and may include plant material. Standard wicks made of unbleached polyester. 

    3.5 inches long (8.89 cm) • 0.75 inches diameter (1.9 cm)

    All orders are pre-orders, and products are made after your order has been placed.

    You will recieve an invoice/reciept for each product.


    Customer has 7 days to return product for any necessary changes or for a full product refund.

    Aromatherapy Consultations are non-refundable.


    Allow 3-5 business days for order processing. I make, package and send out all of my products, myself.

    Thank you for your patience & understanding!

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